Retail Security UK
The latest Retail Crime Statistics show that: the total direct cost of Retail Crime has risen over the last year, to over £700 Million! But worse still; the rate of reported violence has doubled.

Our Adapt Retail and Loss Prevention team specialise in and provide a professional service across the UK.

What we do:

Protect your People – Protect your Profits – Protect your Reputation

Visual Deterrent or Covert Operatives Significantly reduce and recover lost profit in your retail business (ask

us about the civil recovery scheme)Improve your line of defence against stock loss from shoplifting / staff theft / and internal shrinkage Not only can we provide the solution to the problem, but we can also help identify it in the first place as to where your weaknesses are and how they are being exploitedWe can then provide manned and electronic security solutions to help combat the problem.

We estimate that 50% of retail losses come from within the business. Adapt can provide specialist staff to work as Covert Members of staff to determine areas of loss from within or more overt team members who can perform staff and vehicle searches at your locations removing the risk to your management team.

Adapt also provide a professional Civil Recovery Scheme, where the persons caught are financially held to account for their actions, to recover the costs. This is proving to be a big success and is designed to recover the costs in dealing with that incident. This service can also be used to recover ‘Bad Debts’ or losses incurred from Staff Theft. Employee Theft grew by 36% since the BRC’s 2016 survey.

Uniformed Security

Perfect for your shop floor, our Retail Security officers are smart and professional and customer care is paramount. They provide an approachable presence, yet will oversee your customers and ensure theft is the last thing on anyone’s mind! Our current satisfaction survey results show a 94% satisfaction

Store Detective

Our plain clothed Covert Officers are trained to identify risks and potential offenders, observing and tracking them and liaising with the police. They are able to mix with the crowds, detecting and apprehending shoplifters without giving away their presence; this can help reduce the success of shoplifters and reduce the impact on your bottom line. Our statistics show adding a Store Detective can provide five times more return on investment than uniformed security alone.

Covert Operatives

Unfortunately, not all of your theft will come from your customers, some will sadly be committed by your own staff. We estimate that around 50% of your losses come from Employees. Our covert operatives are able to gather information on internal stock theft, both through electronic surveillance footage and by working undercover as part of your team gathering the intelligence you require.

Quite simply we tailor a security package to suit your needs and resolve your issues. Our team are highly trained to handle varying situations and will report or act on their findings at the time.

And in addition, using our Civil Recovery Scheme, we can also help recover your losses.

Internal Investigation

Sometimes it isn’t obvious where or how you are losing stock; whether it is an internal or external threat. Our investigators will get to know you, your business and your processes and carry out compliance checks on your procedures. They will report their findings and then provide solutions to stock loss issues, determining and reducing weaknesses that are being exploited. They will also create and implement any new processes required.


MANNED GUARDING UK Adapt Security Manned Guarding Ltd provide on-site Security Personnel to protect your Business and your People, without the hassle of hiring, payroll or organising staff cover. Our team are trained to the highest of standards, using our own training packages, along with a Front-Line SIA Licence; they are trained to handle situations in the correct manner. Our Uniformed Officers will give you confidence that what matters most is protected.

Our Manned Security is designed to provide a highly visible deterrent on site, making it a key component of Security Planning. Your requirements, designed by you, may be dependent on the size and complexity of your site, the supporting security components (including electronic surveillance) and the value of the equipment or stock which requires protection. Our employees can work alone, or part of a team, over large estates, or small areas. They are able to identify potential areas of risk and are adaptable to the often changing environment in which they work; gathering intelligence, deter, detect and respond to potential threats and provide secure work environments.

Our services offered include:

    • Construction sites
    • Commercial premises
    • Industrial sites
    • Access / Egress control
    • Perimeter control
    • Health & Safety compliance
    • Stock / produce level audits
    • Mobile site patrols
    • Patrol management system
    • Key Management

By working in many areas and on many sites our team gather intelligence from unwanted attention, including vehicles, patterns & trends; to be able to advise our Customers of increased risks and the steps we can take to protect them.

In the event shoplifting does occur, or you have incurred a loss by theft of Employee, or even a bad debt; we also offer a Civil Recovery Service, alongside services supplied by BPE, to help you recover your losses.



specialises in providing SIA door supervisors to licensed premises and establishments with the highest level of standards to meet your security needs and requirements. We understand the importance of your license agreement and the laws and regulations that accompany it.

Our rates are highly competitive without any compromise on the level of service we provide. We take pride in offering a tailored service for the specific venues in question providing the right door supervisors for your establishment.

Our SIA door supervisors are meticulously screened and vetted by us to ensure they meet our core principles when safeguarding your establishment. We provide SIA door supervisors / security guards that are local to the area. Locals are more knowledgeable and streetwise when dealing with the general public.

Operations And Qualities You Can Expect

  • Vast Experience In The Field
  • Reliable & Punctual
  • Streetwise & Vigilant
  • Well-spoken & Polite
  • Conflict Management
  • Well Presented
  • passionate & motivated

We Work As Your Partner

We have close professional relationships with our clients and staff. Making sure we keep in regular contact with updates and visits to your venue. We assign a dedicated operational manager to work with you throughout our service.

Conflict Management

New regulations have been put in place to resolve conflicts that may occur within licensed establishments. Resolving these issues in an appropriate manner that will de-escalate the situation without adopting fiscal intervention skills. We provide experienced and mature door supervisors who are professionally trained in conflict management, issues are resolved in a calm and collective manner.


Event Security Solutions UK We at Adapt Security are here to make your events successful and memorable through our event security solutions. According to us, good event security consists of operational standards and detailed planning procedures, we also understand that event security is the first and last point of contact with the general public. So, we at Adapt Security ensure that every guest gets a warm welcome from knowledgeable and friendly security staff.

Some of the services you can except

  • Static and mobile patrolling
  • Crowd control
  • Safe Conflict management
  • Event stewards
  • First aid
  • A warm welcome
  • Screening at points of interests
  • Perimeter control
  • VIP guarding and escort service

Our Experience

Adapt Security and our guards have gathered a wide of range of experience within this sector, whether it is small or on a grand scale we perform detailed site inductions to live exercises before an event is open to the public. This ensures that all areas are safely covered and our security team can efficiently deal with any dilemmas that may take place during the event. We take pride in maintaining excellent relationships with many festival and event organizers throughout the United Kingdom.

Our team

Each of your guards would undertake additional training as well as the industry approved training. We value quality customer care and provide a safe and memorable experience for all customers and staff alike. Our guards are ready to adapt to changing environments and overcome difficult situations with ease maintain professionalism at all times. Group team building sessions before the event are open to the public help bond a strong working relationship thought-out the duration of the event. We maintain and adhere to safety and health guidelines and industry standards.

We Work As Your Partner

At Adapt security, we have close professional relationships with our clients and staff, making sure we keep in contact with regular updates. We like to work as your close partner so we assign a dedicated operational manager to work with you throughout. The service offered will be managed with your needs in mind at every stage, after a consultation we can provide a tailored selection of suited potential candidates for your approval.

We take care in ensuring contracts are flexible and accommodating to your needs, we can readjust contracts accordantly to your requirements.

We can deliver on price and performance, Contact us for a free quote and make your event memorable and safe through our event security services.


Hotel Security UK We understand that security staff working in the hospitality sector must maintain a high level of customer service without compromising on his or her duties as a security officer, a unique skill set is required when dealing with a demanding sector such as the hospitality industry, making sure all guests and their valuables are safe and secure alongside liaison with hotel management to help up keep a safe and pleasant environment at all times, being vigilant and having a proactive approach to his or her daily duties is an utmost importance for us while maintaining an approachable and welcoming demeanour.

Some of the services you can except

  • C.C.T.V. monitoring
  • Regular Foot patrols
  • Parking lot and fire exit checks
  • Well-groomed and presentable at all times
  • Key holding/alarm response
  • All guards are first aid trained
  • Incident reporting
  • Health and safety
  • Addition background checks on all guards
  • 24-hour help line

Hotel Night Porters UK Night Porter Duties and Security.

Ensure all patients, visitors and staff are greeted and the purpose of their visit obtained in a professional and polite manner

React in the event of a fire alarm in accordance with the hospital policy, including meeting the fire services on their arrival at site

Monitor the CCTV facility and challenge any characters considered to be suspicious

Conduct regular timed walks of the building and grounds including all car parking areas

To forward any concerns noted on these tours to either the hotel manager or, if building related, the FM department.

 Record by log entry any incidences occurring during a shift and ensuring that this is handed over to both the hotel manager and the next shift 

Escort visitors and staff to their vehicles at night if requested

To be available to assist the night host in his duties if required

Conduct regular internal and external patrols of the building

To assist the FM team with litter collecting within the grounds during their patrols

     To assist with general portering duties including restocking departments.


Industrial Security Services, UK Industrial Security is paramount to protect your premises, equipment and reputation. Adapt can provide both manned security and electronic surveillance.

All our security staff are trained professionals with not only the correct skills to complete the job, but also the correct equipment. Our industrial team not only have recognised training, but also receive full training for Fire Awareness; management of access and egress (exit) points; patrolling protocols and front of house / reception training. This means they can offer a wide-range of on-site services to protect your company and its reputation including searches, maintaining visitor logs, key control and perimeter patrols amongst others; they are also required to make regular, scheduled calls to Adapt Security HQ throughout their shift.


Corporate Security UK   


When you are running a business, the idea of hiring, training and managing security staff can be daunting, but we can offer you a Corporate security officer who is smart and multi-purpose. Trained and licensed with SIA, all our employees are professional and competent. For Corporate Security, we also ensure our staff have Customer Service training and bespoke concierge training in the culture of your business. Each member of staff understand they are the face of your business and will be dedicated to upholding your corporate image.

The added bonus is you are never left uncovered when there is staff holiday or sickness.

As well as overseeing all your security requirements, our staff will provide exceptional customer service and front of house management. The full list of services include:

  • Concierge services
  • Front of House security
  • Building / Premises protection
  • Access control administration and management
  • Reception / concierge staff
  • Control room / CCTV staff

To discuss the security needs of your business, please get in touch


Construction Site Security UK Adapt Security, we are poised to ensure that your construction site is fully safeguarded. As a leading security service provider in the UK, we employ qualified security staffs who have the capability for carrying out a whole construction site security plan in order to keep your assets in safe position. We offer complete security solutions to our clients. Sometimes, based on your specific demand, we design customized package for meeting your satisfaction.

Some of the services you can except

  • Gate house security for visitor and staff access
  • Mobile and static guards
  • Delivery management
  • Vandalism and theft check

With several years of experience in security sector, we can understand how vulnerable construction sites are and we know what kind of measures are to taken in order to keep things run smooth. With expensive materials, equipments and tools left unattended, construction sites not only provide favorable opportunities to vandals and thieves, but they pose as danger zones for children who assume them as playgrounds.

Relax By Ensuring Mental Satisfaction

By selecting a construction security service from Adapt security, you can relax safely as it is in your knowledge that all the expensive machineries and materials will not get damaged or stolen by intruders. When you and your staffs leave for the day, you may think whether your assets and hard work are secured. For that reason, we deploy robust system, which includes mobile security patrolling services that are offered on shift basis.


Logistics & Warehouse Security Warehouse owners are usually concerned about two main security risks. These security risks are Vandalism and theft. A warehouse is designed for ease of access and loading and unloading of materials creating a security issue. Vandalism and theft are two of the major security risks to storage and distribution facilities because of their remote location.

When deciding on the appropriate warehouse security service for warehouses or storage facility, you should consider our security services which include Warehouse Security Guards, Warehouse Surveillance Cameras and Warehouse CCTV If you need peace of mind or simply consider protecting warehouse property or consider protecting warehouse equipment. Adapt Security Guards is the answer.

Adapt provides security guard officers or many other warehouse security Guard services that may deter theft and vandalism by implementing effective security measures and warehouse security services with our outstanding security guard services.

Our Security Guards at Adapt Security will protect your property and assets from theft and vandalism. When deciding on the security provisions for your premises, consider safety by means of a Security Guard. The value of your building materials and machinery are too costly to leave without security.
Adapt Security Services is the premiere source for your entire warehouse Security Guard Services across the UK. Adapt Security Services are performed by our SIA licensed security guard officers.


Special guard training combined with extensive experience is what truly makes effective Warehouse security work as expected by our clients. Adapt Security also provides professional services to businesses, homes, private citizens, property managers, corporations, corporate executives, VIP’s, celebrity protection & more.

Our company may customize security services if needed depending on the specific requirements of your warehouse business or facility. Call us today for experienced warehouse guard and patrol service like you never had. Our dedication and commitment is to provide unwavering Warehouse Security Services to every client who may need to hire patrol or hire security services across the UK.


Stopping the threats to your supply chain is Adapt Security Service’s business. Whether it is cargo theft, product theft, employee theft, property damage, organized crime or tampering, we have a comprehensive security solution for your business.

Adapt Security will identify threats to your supply chain and facility by working closely with your management team. We will organize a solution to put a stop to your losses in a minimal amount of time and expenditure. Adapt Security Services understands that your supply chain is your business and we will secure it with our comprehensive understanding of the security measures that will be needed

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